NoBox Globe Light

SKU: 02-0002
Globe Light คือ ไฟ LED ที่สามารถพาไปลงน้ำเล่นน้ำ ลุยน้ำตก ตากฝน เข้าป่า ไปด้วยกันได้ทุกความเปียกความฝน ออกทะเล เพื่อนคนดำน้ำ จับปลาว่ากันไป มีแบตในตัว ความสว่าง 3ระดับ Low Mode เปิดต่อเนื่องได้ มากกว่า 25ชั่วโมงความสว่าง Hi 180lumens - Low 18lumens NoBox Live Outside The Box ชาทไฟด้วย USBกันน้ำ IPX-7 Our rechargeable Globe Lantern is a compact LED light with legs that have 3 different positions and can orient 4 different ways. Hang it. Carry it. Use it as a table lantern. This rechargeable LED lantern is great for outdoor lighting or as a camping lantern since it is waterproof and can run for up to 25+ hours on its low setting. Did we mention that its light-weight design allows it to float as well? This warm color temperature LED light will be your everything lighting accessory that you never knew you needed. Features:		Legs swivel to be made into a hanging lantern, table lantern			Can sit on a flat surface even with legs in the compact position			Warm color temperature light			Rechargeable battery with a USB cord			Waterproof with legs closed and floats	 Specifications:		Lumens: 180 on high, 18 on low			Run time: 2-3 hours on High, 25 hours on low			Battery: Lithium-Ion, 18650, 3.7V, 2200mAH			IPX-7 with legs closed			Recharge Time: 3-4 hours			USB mini charge cord included

NoBox creates products that are durable, functional, beautifully designed, and affordable for everyone. They are inspired by cultures, places, and people that they’ve visited — by things both old and new. Each crafted product has a story to tell.

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