NoBox Globe Light

SKU: 02-0002
Globe Light คือ ไฟ LED ที่สามารถพาไปลงน้ำเล่นน้ำ ลุยน้ำตก ตากฝน เข้าป่า ไปด้วยกันได้ทุกความเปียกความฝน ออกทะเล เพื่อนคนดำน้ำ จับปลาว่ากันไป มีแบตในตัว ความสว่าง 3ระดับ Low Mode เปิดต่อเนื่องได้ มากกว่า 25ชั่วโมง
ความสว่าง Hi 180lumens - Low 18lumens NoBox Live Outside The Box 
ชาทไฟด้วย USB
กันน้ำ IPX-7
Our rechargeable Globe Lantern is a compact LED light with legs that have 3 different positions and can orient 4 different ways. Hang it. Carry it. Use it as a table lantern. This rechargeable LED lantern is great for outdoor lighting or as a camping lantern since it is waterproof and can run for up to 25+ hours on its low setting. Did we mention that its light-weight design allows it to float as well? This warm color temperature LED light will be your everything lighting accessory that you never knew you needed.
		Legs swivel to be made into a hanging lantern, table lantern
		Can sit on a flat surface even with legs in the compact position
		Warm color temperature light
		Rechargeable battery with a USB cord
		Waterproof with legs closed and floats

		Lumens: 180 on high, 18 on low
		Run time: 2-3 hours on High, 25 hours on low
		Battery: Lithium-Ion, 18650, 3.7V, 2200mAH
		IPX-7 with legs closed
		Recharge Time: 3-4 hours
		USB mini charge cord included

NoBox creates products that are durable, functional, beautifully designed, and affordable for everyone. They are inspired by cultures, places, and people that they’ve visited — by things both old and new. Each crafted product has a story to tell.

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