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Zpacks - P R O D U C T S

Zpacks Tent

Minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand. Minimizing our footprint and creating sustainable practices reduces our impact on the environment. Whether it’s through our designs, materials, or our packaging, we are committed to principles that result in the smallest impact possible.

Zpacks Tent PART

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Zpacks Backpacks

Made in the USA

All Zpacks shelters, backpacks, sleeping bags, quilts, clothing, and Dyneema® based accessories are manufactured in the USA.  As the majority of our gear is made with domestically produced material, we are able to reduce the added carbon footprint of shipping our materials and products internationally. 

Always pushing the limits of what's possible, our award winning line up of premium ultralight backpacks are designed for long-distance hikers, and adventurers who continually redefine boundaries.